That forever travel partner

I. hate. hearts. Call me killjoy. Fine, call me a party pooper, but I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s cheesy, it’s commercialized, its over-rated. I’m probably the Ebenezer Scrooge version for Vday.

I specifically instruct my husband every year that I don’t want to celebrate it. Nor do I want to be part of the revelry. I think he wanted to spite me because he actually proposed on Valentine’s day 4 years ago!

Anyhoo, today though, this year, this is my attempt to celebrate Vday: by giving creds to my forever travel partner.


Arshad in Venice, Italy: horsing around in one of the narrow back alleys

Truth be told, my other half is the one who organizes and plans our trips together. Yes, what a revelation. No matter how OCDC I am, it’s the Mister who plans all our travel routes, hotels, timings, etc. He deserves the acknowledgment for it.

Allow me today to gloat. No humble brags, yes, because I’m proud of it. I’m proud of the person who understands my travel needs and who puts them over and above his. He understands my quirks well enough to know which type of cabin to book for train rides in Europe, what kind of hotel or apartment suits both of us, which museums to go to, what kind of itinerary we should be going for.


The Arshads in Venezia

Oh, he knows I hate hiking so that’s definitely out of the agenda.

For a trip to be smooth and fun, it’s nice to have someone who gets you. At the same time, some couples just really get along in terms of pet peeves and preferences while traveling. I’m one of the lucky ones to have found my perfect travel partner.


The Arshads in Salzburg, Austria

So to the other half of the As, who is probably the better half of us: Fine. Happy Vday. Thank you for the wonderful journey we’ve had and we will be going through.

I’m lucky to have you.

To my fellow wander Bellas, may you find yours. If you’ve found him, make sure you keep that keeper! And may you have an amazing journey together.  =)

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