San Diego and sleepless

Drive-by photo in San Diego

It’s currently 5:30am in San Diego, California.

First long trip for the year and my second stop. Unfortunately, my body clock has not adjusted and my jet lag is taking some time — too much time, actually.

The thing is, Manila is 15 hours ahead and when my home city is awake, so am I. It doesn’t hurt when I’m in Jakarta since it’s only an hour behind.

But with California time and everything else is running in tune with Southeast Asia’s clock, I’m in deep trouble.

Didn’t help that Manila just felt a 6.1 magnitude earthquake and my phone started ringing at 2:30 in the morning.

I’m going to be totally f*cked today.

Oh, well. There’s always the trusted brew to perk me up and a lot of coffee shops dotting La Jolla. In the meantime, I shall no longer be in denial and peel myself off the bed as the sun is already peeking through my window.

One of the quiet streets in La Jolla, San Diego on Easter Sunday

It will be a good Monday in San Diego. =)

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